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This is not a zombie movie. Okay, yes. There are zombies in it. But, that’s not our fault. We tried to make a simple documentary about flowers, but the zombies just kept getting in the way. But let’s be honest: In a world where zombies are virtually everywhere, is there anything out there that’s not a zombie movie anymore. You got your traditional zombie horror movies, you got your zombie comedies, you got your revisionist zombies, your postmodern zombies, your neo-realist zombies, your zombie new wave, your Merchant-Ivory zombies, your mumblezombies. There’s even a director named Rob Zombie. What really do we have to add? Just more zombies? I hope not. Let’s put it this way: An open-faced sandwich may have bread; it may have meat; it may even be called a sandwich. But, if you need a knife and fork to eat it, that ain’t no sandwich. It’s somethin’ else. And “Pushin’ Up Daisies” we believe is indeed “somethin’ else”. You just gotta see it for your self. Bring your knife and fork.

Here’s the plot:

Pushin’ Up Daisies is a comedy about Darren (Sheehan O’Heron), an inept but well-meaning filmmaker who returns to his small hometown one summer to shoot a documentary about flowers and their significance at the major stages of human life: birth, death, marriage, etc. With hopes of capturing truth and reality, his plan is to follow around his older brother Rusty (Simon Sorrells), who delivers flowers for a living. Even though Rusty is a bit camera-shy and finding a crew in Tokyo, Georgia is no easy task, these prove to be the least of Darren’s problems when zombies (yes, zombies!) begin taking over the world. But little does he worry about the usual dangers of zombie invasion; his primary concern is artistic integrity. Darren vows to finish his documentary as he envisioned it by shooting around the zombies and pretending that nothing out of the ordinary is actually happening. In other words, capturing reality becomes more a matter of creating it.

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