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Thank You!

Listed here are the amazing people who so generously contributed to our Kickstarter campaign beyond the basic level, granting "Pushin' Up Daisies" more than just a brief flirtation with minor festival stardom but a lasting place in your hearts and homes. This has been a DIY project since the beginning, but the "Y" doesn't always mean "Yourself". It means "Y'all" too. Thanks for everything.

To visit our Kickstarter Hall of Fame, just click here »

Amelia Kathryn
Max Andrews Keith Kelly
Charles Apostolik Robert Kendrick
Cory Archibald Heather Latiri
Holly B. Ryan Lewis
Daniel Barber Michele Liguori
Wes Bennett Nancy Lyons
Alan Brazzell Joe Martin
Meredith Brazzell Jessie Myers
Laura Campbell Pats
Kathy Catrona Amber Polvere
Molly Chase Chris C. P. Powell
Chris Quaedam
Danielle R. Joe Ramirez
Eben Dennis Josh Rasmussen
Mike Elsner Caroline Rault
Wes Ensley Mary D. Reuter
Janie F. Jeff Reynolds
Carl Finto Allen Rowell
Traci Franklin Terry Shearn
Ken Gagne Matthew Smith
Hazel Hart Gordon Spofford
Howie & Caleb Joseph RJ Studlick
Shannon Juhan Bruce Swihart
David Jenkins John B. Williamson
Eric Kardon Justin Wornes

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